Web Stuff

These projects represent the bigger part of my current work, which is primarily in full-stack programming. Both tools utiliize hand-crafted PHP, HTML, CSS and JS code to produce a legitamately useful thing. Unfortunately, their production status means that I'm not inclined/permitted to share source. Feel free to poke around on the sites though, as functionality is mostly there.

SEA Discovery Center: Near WWU's Poulsbo Campus is the SEA Discovery Center, a small aquarium and learning center where I've installed some temperature monitoring probes. This project has been a mix of hardware work - fabbing watertight Raspberry Pi enclosures and soldering sensors to those boards - and software building - the client and server software solutions for sending, receiving, monitoring and displaying temperatures. The project still has a few kinks, but I'm approaching a done state.

Lumber Commodity Hotsheet: I've spent a while interning with Hartnagel Building Supply in Port Angeles, and while I've authored a number of tools for both internal and public use, the one of the more trouble-free has been the Lumber Commodity hotsheet. There are three primary components involved in this project - the pdf downloadable hotsheet, the HTML tables, and the Chart.js graphs at the bottom of the page. The generation of the pdf file is based on database pulls that integrate with a custom wordpress plugin, as well as an excel template and the PHPOffice library to produce the pdf download. The HTML charts use that same data, and then additional history information is gathered up by the custom charting component that I've built to work alongside Chart.js in the final render.


These smaller projects are largely a byproduct of assignments I've been given, and represent a selection of technologies that I have limited experience with.

DirtyCOW ServerErase C#: This little tool was developed to exploit a known vulnerability in a PHP script on a virtual machine we'd been handed in class. A misplaced PHP system() call allowed for arbitrary code execution through $_POST parameters. I decided to go a bit crazy with my exploit, and so integrated a privilege-escalation attack utilizing the DirtyCOW vulnerability into a neat little shell script. The end result is a one-click server erase that wipes the target server's filesystem (via rm -rf / as root). Grab the source.

Technical Writing: I'm not a one-trick pony. I can use words in Word - and I've got the perfectly-scored writing portfolio to prove it. This has little to do with the programming-centric projects on this page, but I'm quite proud of "very impressive" evalutation I recieved in my Technical Writing course. If you're really bored, you can peruse my writing portfolio, by downloading it here.

Begging for Pizza: This is less of a programming project and more of a display of real dedication. Over the course of 9 months as a Junior CISS student, I compiled most of the instances where I recieved emails about free food and compiled them on a website in order to guilt the Poulsbo admin into purchasing a pie. It worked - so the website is now a legacy. View it here.

Other Stuff

Excel Integration with Jonathan Overholt's Cutlist API: Johathan Overholt is someone I've never met - but he's probably a pretty nice guy. I know this because he publishes a cut list tool that we use at work. The availablity of this tool and an accompanying API allowed me to integrate his work into an Excel document (via VBA macro - ugh). By following some strict formatting guidlines, you too can make use of the cutlist API inside your own Excel documents. Happy woodworking.