Flutter Barcode Scanner Multi-Store

Employees at Lumber Trader's get a pretty sweet employee discount of cost+10%, but unless you know exactly what it is you're getting it can be difficult to know whether it's a better deal to grab our name-brand product or head to Amazon and grab something less contractor-grade. That wasn't the primary use for a mobile barcode scanner that interfaces with our point-of-sale software, but it was the primary driver behind converting what was once a disorganized 2-app headache (PhoneGap + Wireguard) into a tidy public-API package.

The result was a Flutter-based android app that allows for the near bare-minimum functionality for a barcode scanner. Product UPCs get scanned and quantity-on-hand, retail, cost, and location information comes back. This is great for doing things like inventory - where an item might be on the wrong hook and difficult to identify. It's also perfect for computing the employee price on a rarely-used drill bit.