Near WWU's Poulsbo Campus is the SEA Discovery Center, a small aquarium and learning center where I've installed some temperature monitoring probes.

This project has been a mix of hardware work - fabbing watertight Raspberry Pi enclosures and soldering sensors to those boards - and software building - the client and server software solutions for sending, receiving, monitoring and displaying temperatures. The project still has a few kinks, but I'm approaching a done state.

A Disassembled Probe

A disassembled probe. The brains of the operation is a Raspberry Pi Zero-W single-board computer. I started the project just before the Zero-WH came out, so I had to hand-solder the GPIO pins.

A chart generated by the temperature logging portion of the project. This side of things doesn't get too much love or attention - the bulk of my work involved setting up backend stuff related to monitoring and notifying aquarium staff when temperatures exceed configured parameters.