Employee Stock Ownership Sample Calculator

An Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) allows employees of a company to benefit more directly from their efforts to improve a company by providing stock in the company for each year of employment. An ESOP is similar to other retirement accounts (like 401Ks), and has its share of peculiarities.

This tool allows an employee to see how their ESOP might mature over time depending on choices they make with regards to diversification options.

Plan Age Information

What year did you enter the plan?
  • This is usually your second year of employment.
  • If you have a statement, this is the year in which you first recieved shares and were 0% vested.

  • What year did you/will you leave the company?
    What age were you when you entered the plan?
    How many shares did you recieve each year of the plan?

    Growth Outlook:

    It is not possible to predict how our company will grow and change in the future.
    Select one of the options in the dropbox to see how different outlooks will change the balance of your retirement account.

    Diversification Information:

    From age 55-59, you are able to diversify a maximum 25% of your lifetime shares if you remain employed with the company.
    Enter the diversification percentage for each year:

    At age 60, you are able to diversify up to 50% of your lifestime shares.

    Since you will not be in the plan at 55 years old, your vested share value will be dispersed based on your selection below.

    Diversification options include rolling into another account or cashing out (which incurs a penalty):

    Retirement Information:

    At retirement age, if you are no longer with the company you will immediately begin recieving the payout from shares. Since no early "cashing out" penalty is incurred, you have the option of changing your previous selection for where the money goes.

    Which option would you like to take?